3rd International Conference on
Coastal Zone Engineering and Management
in the Middle East
(Arabian Coast 2016)
20-23 November 2016
Intercontinental Hotel, Dubai Festival City, UAE

Themes and Topics

Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Environment

Development Setback, Sustainable Coastal Zone Management, Sustainable Coastal Resources Development, Integrated Environmental Coastal Development Programs, Innovative Environmental Planning, Desalination and Water Resources Management, Coastal Aquifers and Salt Water Intrusion Control, intake and outfall structures,  Industrial Effluents Pollution, Brine Discharge Management, Oil Transport and Marine Pollution, Ballast Water Management, Aquaculture and Artificial Reefs, Coastal Restoration, Sanctuaries, Ecosystem Services, Sustainable Coastal Tourism and Recreation, Climate Change Impacts and Coastal Environment, Coasts and Renewable energy.

Monitoring and Coastal Dynamics

Coastal Processes monitoring and modeling,  Water quality monitoring and modeling, Inland waterways water quality and circulation,  Data analysis and management,  Remote sensing and GIS for Coastal and Marine Applications, Forecasts and smart applications.

Stabilization and Waterfront Development

Beach Stabilization Schemes, Dredging and Reclamation,  Erosion Control and Nourishment, Lack of Wave Exposure and Beach Quality Degradation, Shoreline Management and Mitigation, Wave Structure Interaction, Breakwater Design and Optimization, Wave Overtopping, Coastal Development Interactions, Sustainable Waterfront Development, Work with Nature.

Risk Management

Strategic Risk Planning, Risk and Uncertainty, Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation, Tsunami and Storm Surges, Flooding, Extreme Event Analysis, Resilience and Coastal Hazard Policy.

Inland Waterways, Ports, Harbors and Marinas

Sustainable Design Considerations for Navigation Channels and Inland Waterways, Surface and Groundwater Interaction in Manmade Inland Waterways, Design of Harbors and Marinas, Maintenance dredging and dredged material management, Dry docks, Harbor tranquility, Port operations and international regulations, Port reception facilities and waste management.

Legislation, Planning and Cooperation

International regulations for coastal natural resources protection and exploitation, Life cycle assessments of coastal development and operations, Government policy and funding, Technology transfer and capacity building, International conventions and cooperation, Law enforcement, Coastal hazards and land use planning, incorporating climate change legislation in coastal zone planning, university programs in coastal engineering and integrated coastal zone management.